Children and adolescents face a complex set of demands at school. Academic difficulties can lead to a child feeling terrible about him/herself and lead to emotional problems. Likewise, low self-esteem and emotional problems can lead to school-related difficulties.

  • Show a decline in motivation and grades at school
  • Refuse to go to school
  • Think he is “dumb”
  • Get called “dumb” by classmates
  • Have a million excuses when it comes to doing homework
  • Repeatedly lose report cards and forget assignments
  • Have a hard time paying attention and staying focused
  • Worry incessantly about tests and grades
  • Get into trouble for talking too much and fooling around in class
  • Refuse to see a tutor or get help from teachers
  • Cheat on tests
  • Work really hard but still get poor grades

One of my specialties in working with children and adolescents is academic and motivational problems. With years of experience in the educational system—as a teacher, university professor, and motivation researcher, I offer a variety of solutions for your child’s difficulties. Therapy consists of individual sessions as well as parent and family sessions. When appropriate, I consult with teachers. The goal of therapy is for your child to be engaged at school, develop a sense of competence and resilience, feel comfortable seeking help from teachers, and perform academically at an optimal level.